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 1. Agriculture (18)   2. Manufacturing (16)   3. Co-Products (10) 

Evaluation of Sugarcane Varieties under Waterlogged Condition  by J.R.P. Singh & R. Kumar 
Irrigation and Cane Quality  by M. Rajkumar & S. N. Khuntia 
Effect of Chloroethyl Phosphonic Acid on Early Growth and Advancement of Maturity in Sugarcane  by S. Solomon, Ishwar Singh & V. K. Madan 
Sugarcane Bacilliform Virus: Symptoms, Detection and Distribution in World Germplasm Collection at Cannanore  by R. Viswanathan, M. Balamuralikrishnan, M. N. Premachandran & B. K. Tripathi 
Studies of Red Rot Resistance and its Association with Yield and Quality Traits in Sugarcane Seedings  by Bakshi Ram, N. Singh, G. Hemaprabha, B. K. Sahi & B. K. Tripathi 
Expression of a Transferred Herbicide Resistance Gene in a Sugarcane Cultivar  by Subramonian N., Sridhar V.V., George Thomas, G. Hemaprabha & B. K. Tripathi 
Crop Weather in Predicting Sugarcane Yield in North West India  by Yogendra Pal & S.K.Saini 
Sugar Recovery in Relation to Cane Quality in Daurala Zone  by S. K. Sachdeva, O. S. Vihan & R. K. Tewari 
Premium Early Sugarcane Cultivars for High Sugar Recovery and Cane Productivity in Uttar Pradesh  by R. K. Singh, M. L. Agrawal & G. P. Singh 
10  Integrated Development of Sugarcane in Sub Tropical India  by Mangal Singh & Dr M. R. Gupta 
11  Micropropagation of Sugarcane - A Commercial Approach  by Aruna Kilaru 
12  Studies on Time of Planting of Mentha Intercropped Sugarcane  by Sarjit Singh, M. L. Kapur, A.I.S. Garcha, S. S. Toor & Makhan Singh 
13  Minimising the Cost on Chemical Fertilizers by Use of Agro Products in Cane Cultivation  by A. V. Bendigeri, M. W. Pawar & Dr S. B. Jadhav 
14  Enriched Recycling of Sugarcane Byproducts Through Vermiculture  by P. S. Thirugnanam, Solayappan & Radha M. 
15  Biofertilizers and Organic Manures in Sugarcane Spaced Transplanting Method (var. Co 7527)  by Snehal Joshi and N. A. Zende 
16  Genotype Environment Interactions of Sugarcane Varieties in Satpuda Tapi Valley in Khandesh Region  by R. S. Hapase, S. L. Patil & J. M. Repale 
17  Sodicity Induced Yield Losses and Changes in Minerals Concentration of Sugarcane Genotypes  by Y. P. Dang, A. S. Mehla, R. Chhabra & S. Kumar 
18  Fifty Years of Sugarcane Development in India  by Dr C. R. Hazra & N. C. Saksena 

Application of Enzymes for the Removal of Starch and Dextran During Sugar Manufacturing Process : A Plant Scale Study  by S. M. Chavan & S. D. Borawake 
Centrifuging of Final Massecuite and its Effect on Sugar Quality and Sugar Losses  by G. K. Shukla & J. Jagdish 
Unique Trials with M. J. Condenser  by S. D. Bokhare, R. B. Mane & V. B. Gaikwad 
Evaluation of Assays of Mill Sanitation Chemicals  by A. D. Kulkarni, S. K. Sable, A. V. Yewale & J. D. Mane 
Quantitative Studies on the Iron Content in Different Sugar Systems of DCDS Process  by Y. K. Sethi, S. S. Srivatsa, C. L. Shukla & J. K. Srivastava 
Evaluation of Filtercake Composition from Different Sugar Factories in Maharashtra  by V. S. Dhamankar, N. A. Zende & R. B. Natu 
Modifications in Design & Operating Parameters of Vacuum Filter for Higher Output and Reduced Loss  by N. P. Singh & R. K. Verma 
Innovative Improvement in the Design of Entrainment Catcher  by V. K. Rohatgi, Vijendra Singh & Rakesh Kumar Jain 
Studies on Kinetics of Crystallisation of Sugar in Pure Solution -"Effect of Some Additives"  by Dr G. M. Jenekar & S. B. Dethe 
10  Modified Remelt Clarification Process  by Anil Kumar Shrivastva 
11  Prospects of Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) As a Clarifying Agent in Place of Lead Sub Acetate in Sugar Factory Laboratories  by N. N. Joshi, A. K. Gupta & R. Mishra 
12  Reduction of Sugar Loss in Filter Cake  by M. S. Shukla, S. K. Gupta 
13  Design and Development of User Friendly Software Package for Sugar Factory Laboratory  by R. P. Bhongale, M. B. Londhe, K. S. Karhadkar & T. K. Balwe 
14  Preliminary Studies on the Behaviour of Sugar Colorants with Constituents of Buffers Employed for ICUMSA Colour Determination  by P. C. Johary 
15  Role Quantity of Bagacillo in Sugarcane Juice During Processing  by Chhote Lal, R.K. Verma & KM Bharti Shukla 
16  Computer Program for the Simulation of the Crystallization of Sugar  by Dr Satinder Kaur 

Effect of Agitation Speed on the Performance of an Anaerobic CSTR Treating Distillery Spentwash  by Deepali S. Nimbalkar, B. B. Gunjal & Prem Kumar 
A Case Study of Waste Minimization through Conversion of Batch Distillery to Continuous Process at S. M. Shankarrao Mohite Patil SSK Ltd. Shankarnagar, Akluj  by D. G. Mane & R. S. Naik 
High Rate Film Biomethanation of Distillery Spent Wash and Merits of Bacardi Technology - A Case Study  by P. C. Mathur 
Batch Anaerobic Digestion of Cattle Waste Under Continuous Negative Pressure  by R. K. Malik, P. Tauro & Dalel Singh 
Fish Culture As Secondary Treatment for Sugar Plant Effluent An Attempt Made at DSCL  by M. Ramalingam, E. Muthuvelappan & P. Santhanam 
Total Quality Management  by K. C. Dalela 
Energy Saving Possibilities in Cane Sugar Factories  by S. K. Pawar & V. P. Shekdar 
Saswadmali Sugar Factory - A Legend Becomes True  by S. K. Bhojraj, S. K. Pawar & V. P. Shekdar 
Proper Utilisation of Distillery Bio Gas Potential : An Approach to New Co  by A. N. Dixit 
Studies on Alcohol Production from Sugarcane Juice, Sugarcane Molasses, Sugarbeet Juice & Sugarbeet Molasses by Saccharomyces Cerevisiac NSI - 113  by P. K. Agrawal & Santosh Kumar 

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