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Posters are encouraged by ISSCT as an effective means of presenting information. It is likely that space will be available to display all posters throughout the duration of the Congress. The nature of posters precludes their full publication in the Proceedings but an abstract as well as an extensive summary of the poster will be published.
1.1 Posters must be submitted to the appropriate Commissioner.
1.2 The last date for acceptance is 30th September 1998.
1.3 The submission should consist of an Abstract of not more than 100 words and a summary paper not exceeding 1200 words with a maximum of three figures or tables. The summary paper will be published in the Proceedings. In addition, authors should indicate to the Commissioner any special features of the poster which are not evident from the summary paper, e.g. video presentation.
1.4 The format of the summary paper should follow the Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts for Papers & Posters which were circulated to members in mid 1997 and are available on this web-site, or direct from the Commissioners or Permanent Secretary.
2.1 Space 1m high and 2m wide will be available for each poster.
2.2 In addition to good scientific content, three basic criteria are required for all effective display : the poster must be
  • attractive
  • well organised
  • self - explanatory
Authors are free to use their creativity to produce attractive posters.
2.3 The title and author's name should be displayed at the top of the poster in a single row with letters 8 - 10 cm. high. A small photograph of the author can be included to assist the audience in contacting the author.
2.4 The different written sections should preferably be no more than 10 lines each. They should use bold lettering 1 - 1.5cm high, so as to be easily readable from a distance of 2m. Use of capital letters only is discouraged. The flow pattern should be indicated clearly by arrows or numbers.
2.5 Each figure, photograph or table should have a clear caption and be at least 20 by 28 cm. Avoid overloading figures and tables with information and use colour to make them clearer.
2.6 To facilitate the transportation and mounting of the posters it is recommended that the different sections be mounted on separate cards ready for attachment to the display area. Authors will be expected to set up their own posters. If they cannot be present at the congress they may designate someone to act on their behalf.
2.7 The programme will inclnde time for special poster session during which authors or their representatives are expected to be in attendance at their posters.
2.8 Commercial promotion is not permitted.


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