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A special promotional presentation on the ISSCT Congress has been prepared which can be downloaded from this site as 'Pack and Go' files. As it contains photographs, the file is large, but it has been split into three files, which can be individually downloaded from the following links.
Simply RIGHT-CLICK on each link, and choose "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as..." (Netscape Communicator) :

Presentation Setup Programme
Pngsetup.exe (53KB)
Data File 0
pres0.png (1,371KB)
Data File 1
pres0.pn1 (510KB)

Please save the files to your hard drive with the given file-names.
If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your machine, you can download the
PowerPoint Viewer (2752 KB). However, you will be not be able to view any of the animations in the slide show.


1. The first two files Pngsetup.exe (53KB) & pres0.png (1,371KB) can be copied from your hard drive to a single blank floppy, and the third file pres0.pn1 (510KB) to a second floppy.
2. Insert the first floppy in the computer which will be used for presentation and double-click on Pngsetup.exe.
3. Type in the destination directory on the hard drive.
4. When prompted, inserted the second floppy (if running the presentation on the download computer, click OK when prompted for the next disk).
5. The complete file (ISSCTHavana2. ppt or Isscth~2.ppt) will then be installed on the presentation computer.


Open the file in PowerPoint 95 or 97 as the case may be, and before showing set the following :

In PowerPoint 95, click View->Slide Show->Slides : All, Advance : Use Timings

In PowerPoint97, click Click "Slide Show"
Make sure Set Up Show : "Presented by a Speaker (full screen)" is checked
Make sure Slides : "All" is checked
Make sure Advance Slides : "Using timings, if present" is checked

As all the slides are timed, the presentation will run automatically from beginning to end without intervention.

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