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Comments in the Indian Press

Economy & Business section
Saturday 11 April 1998

India to host int'l sugar conference

NEW DELHI April 10 (HTC)

India will be the host for (the) next triannual conference of international sugar industry barons, sugarcane technologists, scientists, engineers and chemists.
The five-day jamboree of the sugar industry being held under the aegis of ISSCT based in Mauritius is to be held in the capital (from) February 22-26, 1999.
India has been chosen as the host for this huge congregation as the country is the largest producer (of sugar).

Business Section
Thursday 9 April 1998

Sugarcane technologists meet slated for next Feb

Pioneer News Service, New Delhi

AFTER A gap of forty three years, India will be hosting the 23rd Congress of the International Society of Sugar Cane technologists (ISSCT) in February next.
Held every three years. the Delhi conference is expected to continue from February 22 to 26, 1999, and will be drawing about fifteen hundred delegates from over 60 participating countries.
Highlighting the significance of the event, Shivaji Rao Patil, Chairman of the Congress Organising Commuttee, told newspersons here on Tuesday that the objective is to emphasise on improving productivity while Simultaneously reducing the cost of production.
Alongside the Congress, an exhibition of the latest technology deployed in the industry world over, will take place. About (50) technologists mainly from Australia, Brazil, USA and Germany, will exhibit their knowhow.
The congress will also serve as an opportunity for data exchange in the field of processed technology for sugar. Over (150) papers from different participants and technologists are going to be presented.
Topics of discussions are likely to range from extracting sugar with less damage to the cane fibres (that could be used for other activities and products) to the application of (fewer) chemicals. And also ways and means of value addition to the by-products of the industry.
Interestingly, certain mills in the country have achieved the highest sugar recovery rate of 14.4 in the world.(emphasis added). However the national sugar recovery from the cane is far below the world average at 9-10 per cent.

THE HINDU, New Delhi
Business Line
Thursday 9 April 1998

Sugarcane technologists meet next year

NEW DELHI: Technologists comprising sugarcane scientists, engineers and chemists, will hold their next Congress here in February 1999, the International Society of Sugarcane Technologists (ISSCT), has said.
The General Chairman of ISSCT, Mr. Sivijirao G. Patil, said "the event is of special significance as ISSCT will meet in India after 43 years" , adding this would provide good opportunity for the Indian technologists to get to know what was happening in other parts of world.
India is the largest producer of cane sugar and also has the largest number of sugar factories, which are in various stages of modernisation.
Holding the 23rd Congress in India would have a significant influence on the performance of the Indian sugar industry as the adoption of new technologies would appreciably improve the productivity, quality and export competitiveness, he said.

Thursday 9 April 1998

STAI seminar to get sugar mills apprise(d) of new technology

Our Economic Bureau
New Delhi, April 8

INDIAN sugar industry will have a splendid opportunity to learn the latest developments in the field of sugar technology directly from the experts on the occasion of the XXIII Congress of the International Society of SugarcaneTechnologists scheduled to be held in Delhi in February 1999. said Vinay Kumar, Honorary Secretary, Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI).
Addressing a press conference in the Capital. Kumar said that STAI will be hosting the conference for the benefit of 450 sugar factories in the countrywhich arein various stagesof modernisation. By holding the Congress in India, numerous personnel including those from smaller establishments can conveniently have access to this information without engaging in costly foreign travel.
The adoption of new technologies would appreciably improve productivity, quality and export competitiveness of sugar so as to earn foreign exchange after meeting the domestic requirement.The Food ministry was extending all possible help for the successful and smooth organisation of this Congress, he said.
Shivaji Rao G Patil, MP and chairman of the organising committee for the Congress disclosed that the Congress would be attended by over 1,500 delegates from 68 member countries.
About 120 research papers and 135 posters would be presented during the Congress in four areas of specialisation including agronomy, biology, factory and co-products. A discount of 20 percent on Congress package costs would be offered to researchers to present papers of a high technical standard.

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