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Rates are in US Dollars
I. Proceedings of the All India Seminar on Sugar lndustry Lucknow - 199725
2.Proceedings of the All India Seminar on Maintenance Management in Sugar Industry - Surat - 199730
3.Cane Varieties 1997 - Roorkee30
4.Seminar on "Sugarcane Marketing and Management" - New Delhi - 199125
5.Seminar on "Water Management" - Jalgaon - 199425
6.Seminar on "Efficient Production & Utilization of Steam in Sugar Factories - Surat - 199125
7.Seminar on "Measure to bring Indian Sugar at Par with International Standards as per ICUMSA" - April 199325
8.Papers on "Mill Feeding" and "Mill Design" - by H. N Gupta & P. N. R. Rao 25
9. Scientific & Effective Sugar Plant Maintenance Management - by Sri V Singh100
10.Cane Sugar Manufacture in India by D.P. Kulkarni50
11.The ISSCT Combined Factory/Energy Workshop on Efficient Production & Utilisation of Steam in Sugar Factories- Pune 1994 (Hard Bound Volume)50
12.- do - (Soft Bound Volume)40
13.System of Technical Control for Cane Sugar Factories in India - Deluxe Volume30
14.59th Annual Convention Proceedings 199750
15.List of Cane Sugar Factories (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka) & Distilleries in India 1996-9750

Kindly remit payment by Demand Draft in favour of The Sugar Technologists' Association of India payable at New Delhi.

On receipt of the payment, the books shall be despatched by Registered Post / Air Mail / Courier.

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