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STAI has contributed significantly in the improvement of sugar technological practices and also towards introduction of modern equipments. The ISSCT Conference arranged in India by STAI in 1994, and the upcoming ISSCT Congress, are steps towards this end.

STAI has played an important role in the recent introduction of high pressure boilers up to 64 kg/, condensing extraction, turbine, electrical /hydraulic drives for mills, continuous centrifugal for low grade massecuites and automatic system for sugar processing.

By adoption of high pressure boilers and electrical/hydraulic drive of mills, it is possible to operate the mills at 35-38% steam on cane. Nevertheless, Indian Sugar Industry is being geared to reduce steam consumption for process by adoption of continuous pan of all grades of messecuite, proper utilisation of vapours for processing, installation of circulators in pans, continuous crystallizer and fully automatic centriftigal machines for high grade massecuites.

The technical efficiency of the mills on account of the above has improved from 93.5% to 96% and the purity of final molasses is reduced to as low 26 - 27 which is perhaps the lowest amongst all the sugar producing countries in the world.


On adoption of modern equipment improved technologies, it is possible to save about 5-6% of bagasse. The bagasse is generally used in India for the manufacture of Card boards and paper. A small quantity of bagasse is also used for the manufacture of fur- fural.

Co-generation is a recent trend adopted by sugar mills. Many sugar mills have started Co-generation and are supplying electricity to the national grid. It is estimated that there is a potential for generation of 350O MW of electricity by the sugar mills during the cane crushing season.

Molasses are another by product used for the manufacture of chemicals, alcohol and alcohol-based chemicals. Besides, molasses are also being used in the manufacture of cattle feed. India is also an exporter of molasses and alcohol and alcohol-based chemicals. Press mud is another by- product generally used as manure. New technologies of mixing the press mud with distillery effluent for composing by fertiliser is being adopted by many units. Compost is helpful in maintaining the nutrient value of the soil besides solving the national problem of pollution.

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