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The move to form a Technologists' Association was initiated in the year 1925 by the late Mr. Noel Deerr, Dr. K.C.Banerji, Shri R.P.Sanghi, Mr. R.C.Srivastava, Dr. J.H.Haldane, Shri V.P. Lyer and Mr. A. Brooks. Mr. Noel Deerr was the founding father of the Association.

The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI) was established in l925 with the objective to promote and improve the knowledge of science and practice of sugar technology and also to provide opportunities for the exchange of knowledge through conventions, seminar and study tours within and outside the country. The membership of STAI today stands at 2500, representing the work force connected to about 450 sugar mills in the country. STAI is also affiliated with ISSCT & ICUMSA.

The affairs of STAI are manned by a strong and professional Council whose members represent all the states of India.

List of Council Members of STAI


The objective ofthe Association is the promotion and development of sugar technology in India through the following means :
  1. To promote knowledge of the science and practice of sugar technology for persons following or studying for the profession and other kindred branches of science.
  2. To grant certificates of competency in professional knowledge by issuing certificate for memberships of the grades of Associates and Fellows either by election or by examination or otherwise.
  3. To provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge to the members of the profession and their friends and to give facilities for reading papers and delivering lectures on subjects interesting to the profession and for the acquisition and dissemination by these and other means information connected with and useful to the profession.
  4. To establish and maintain a library, laboratory, farm, Employment Bureau or any or all of these and to print, publish and circulate papers, books and other technical and scientific matters connected with the profession.
  5. To open branches at any place in the Indian Union or abroad or affiliate, such other sister organizations as have the same aims and objects as the parent Association, for expanding the Association.
  6. To look after the interest of the members of the Association, to bring about a standard of professional etiquette, better employment conditions and a general betterment of their knowledge.
For the last seven decades, STAI has been a pioneer in the development and promotion of sugar technology in lndia.


STAI is a family of over 2500 members categorised in six segments i.e.
  • Associate
  • Fellow
  • Life
  • Companion
  • Patron
  • Honorary Fellow
actively involved in the above purposes. It has also two affiliated bodies working in the Southern and Deccan parts of the country i.e. SISSTA and DSTA.

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