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To promote its objectives, STAI conducts seminars, workshops, conventions, prints proceedings. It also organises a study trip every year to the overseas sugar factories/research institutes in order to study their technology, work approach, technological innovations and to implement them within our system. In the recent past, the trips organised were to Cuba, South Africa, Mexico and Sao Paulo. Besides this, it has ambitious plans of globalising Indian Sugar Technology via technology transfers with countries like Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France and Mauritius. A dialogue has already been initiated with the above countries and institutes.

The STAI is the only affiliated association from India to the two world sugar bodies i.e. ISSCT (International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists') and ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis)


In Nov. - Dec. 1994, STAI successfully organised the prestigious ISSCT workshop at Pune. It was after a gap of nearly 38 years that any ISSCT venture had taken place in India. The workshop received an overwhelming response from both the Indian & Foreign delegates. Renowned sugar technologists both from India and overseas deliberated at the workshop.


Efficiency Productivity Awards

The STAI Council has decided to award Annual Efficiency/Productivity prizes on all- India basis to its Companion Member factories. A endeavor has been made by STAI to have closer proximity with its members, in order to bring a healthy competition & augment the productivity/efficiency in the factories.

Annual Awards
STAI awards annually to its members

  • Noel Deerr Gold Medal
  • Sugar Industry Cup
for the distinguished work done by them in the following segments:
  1. Agriculture
  2. Engineering & Chemical Engg.
  3. Manufacturing
  4. General and By-Products


  1. Factory List
  2. Year Book & Directory
  3. Proceedings of the Annual Convention
  4. Souvenir
  5. System of Technical Control
  6. Low Grade Sugar Crystallisation (Gelliet)
  7. Proceedings of the different seminars conducted
  8. Proceedings of the ISSCT Workshop
  9. Study in Sugar Technology
  10. Practical Hints for Sugar Technologists
Upcoming Publications

STAI will publish a Directory of Technical Personnel related to the sugar industry in India, which will be distributed during the XXIII ISSCT Congress. 

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